The Range

"All the intensity and character of the Petite Champagne cru brought together in the Réviseur range".



A golden colour with a very fresh initial nose. Hints of plum and almond follow leading to leather. The palate is light, balanced and pleasant.


Rich and concentrated, the palate reveals ripe, slightly candied fruit, enhanced by aromas of cinnamon for an intense and exceptional Cognac of incredible length.


An old gold color with amber highlights. The nose is fruity, followed by woody and toasty notes, with a more pronounced hint of leather. The palate is full and elegant, with a clean finish.

XO Platinum

The delicate, complex nose reveals the great age of this XO. XO Platinum reveals rich aromas of ripe fruit on the palate, with a hint of cinnamon. This exceptional Cognac is intense, generous and has amazing length

XO Extra

An old gold colour with mahogany highlights. The nose reveals the delicacy of rancio, ripe fruit and liquorice. Then comes the harmony of red fruit, of wood, combined with notes of roasted coffee. On the palate, there are hints of liquorice and buttery caramel. Roundness and suppleness are balanced with lingering woody aromas..


A colour between gold and amber. The nose is dominated by concentrated spices and a hint of caramel. It progresses to notes that reveal the age of the product, pepper, cinnamon and honey. The palate is powerful and clean, with a rich finish.


White Pineau

An Old gold color. The nose confirms aromas of nuts and sultanas that have already developed and an acidulous feeling. The palate is well-balanced and its backtaste of raisins confirms the beginning of an feeling of "rancio".