Our Philosophy

"Le Single Estate Cognac"

“Domaines Francis Abécassis brings together 4 unique vineyards ideally located in the heart of the Cognac appellation. They are driven by a single philosophy, the Single Estate Cognac. A conviction that Réviseur Cognacs proudly advocates and which reflects all the know-how and complexity of our eaux-de-vie. Single Estate Cognac is the guarantee of a meticulous follow-up throughout the elaboration process, entirely carried out by our teams, at the property.”

Francis Abécassis

Single Estate Cognac

Cultivation of the vine

The search for excellence in Réviseur Cognacs is based on the richness of the terroir of our estate located in Barret, in the prized Petite Champagne region. The 90 hectares of vineyards located on rolling hills, profit from ideal sunshine which allows us to harvest grapes of exceptional quality. On each of our plots, throughout the year, we work the vines in a respectful way, in order to extract the best. Certified High Environmental Value since 2019, we have chosen to work in respect of our environment. Our teams cultivate the vines according to the seasons, their expertise allows the grapes to follow their natural cycle and evolve in an optimal way. The Ugni-Blanc grape variety, once harvested and vinified, on the Domaine, will give birth to great white wines.


The Cognacs Réviseur are produced exclusively on our vineyard of Petite Champagne. Located on a clay-limestone soil, rich in chalk and marine fossils. The richness of its soils allows our Ugni-Blanc vines to express themselves fully.

The vinification is carried out on site by our Winemaker before proceeding to distillation. The wine is then slowly transformed into a powerful, elegant eau-de-vie with a unique aromatic complexity. A delicate operation which results from the expertise of our distiller.

The Domaine has two Charentais pot-stills “à repasse” (repeated distillation), perfectly adapted to the powerful character of our Petite Champagne eaux-de-vie. This ancestral know-how is entirely due to the “nose” of our distiller, whose senses allow him to select only the best of each batch, after which it is time for the maturing in our cellars.

The blend of oak and eau-de-vie

The Domaine Réviseur has no less than ten cellars, containing several hundred barrels. The Cellar Master, guardian of these precious nectars, only buys from coopers in the region who are known for their expert know-how and the quality of the wood used. The Tronçais and Limousin oak coming only from French forests, which have been sustainably managed. It is in this delicious silence that the precious nectar will age. Hidden from view, the eau-de-vie will become more and more precious over the years.

In contact with the oak, it will obtain a pretty gold color for our VS turning to deep amber for our XO. The aromas will become more complex: plum, almond, cinnamon, pepper and toast. In our cellars, a vast collection of Cognacs age and improve until they reach the maturity necessary for blending and bottling at our property.